Low Country Expeditions
Welcome to the Low Country of South Carolina
In South Carolina, we enjoy a year round fishing
season.  In fact some of the most productive trips
are from October to February.  We have year round
shallow water, sight fishing for red fish with either
fly rod or light spinning and casting equipment.

The primary species caught are Spot tail Bass
(Red Drum) and Speckled Trout, but other light
tackle opportunities include:  Lady fish, Bluefish,
Flounder, Summer Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Sheep
head, Black Drum, Spade Fish, Sharks, and

While we specialize in fishing with artificial bait, live
bait fishing is also available.

With six tidal rivers in close proximity to the
Georgetown area and the Santee Cooper Lakes
less than seventy miles inland, many opportunities
exist to catch America;s most popular game fish,
the Largemouth Bass.  We specialize in all
techniques using artificial baits, learned from over
twenty years tournament fishing experience.

We welcome novices and since children are the
future of sport fishing, we encourage family trips.