U.S.C.G. Licensed &
At Low Country Expeditions our #1 goal
is to provide our customers with a
memorable and enjoyable fishing
If your passion is chasing red fish in
the shallows with a fly rod, casting with
light tackle for speckled trout and
flounder, pursuing largemouth bass on
tidal rivers or big impoundments or just
spending an enjoyable day with the
family fishing with live bait, Low
Country Expeditions can line up a trip
for you.
Additional Opportunities
Additional opportunities while fishing include sightseeing and
photography of lighthouses, historic plantation houses, rice
fields, bald eagles, Ospreys, Marsh Hawks, ducks, porpoises,
sea turtles, alligators, wading birds, and many other animals.
Guide Service
Low Country Expeditions                             Captain Lin Fore

Low Country Expeditions - 843-546-2107 - 843-240-2070 - lfore@lowcountryguides.com